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Ever wonder why shower door glass becomes “foggy” over time?  Older showers seem to get a white haze at the bottom of the glass.  It has always been a mystery to me until I got into the shower door manufacturing business.

The reason for this white appearance is that calcium from the water penetrates the pores of the glass and overtime builds up enough to be visible.  Once this build up occurs, it is nearly impossible to remove the film.  But now,  calcium build up can be prevented through a film called ShowerGuard applied to the glass during production.  ShowerGuard seals the pores in the glass to prevent calcium from adhering to the glass.

Luminous Glass has been approved by the manufacturer of ShowerGuard, Guardian Glass, to fabricate glass that has been processed with this unique ion beam process.   The product has a lifetime warranty.

Please call us at 305-621-1670 or 305-884-5244 for more information or to purchase your shower door today.

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Kristin at Luminous Glass Solutions