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New Florida Building Code standards becomes effective on June 30, 2015!  How will these changes impact you?

The first major change is to the wind speed map.  Earlier high wind speed maps  once applied primarily to Miami-Dade county.  Now parts of Orlando, Tampa and even Flagler County are included in the 140 mph wind zone for essential buildings like hospitals and government buildings.  These standards will keep more Floridians safe in case of a hurricane.

As a Kawneer distributor, Luminous Glass is proud to say that Kawneer is the only major storefront and curtain wall company with current Miami-Dade NOA’s met for their full product line.  This gives installers and purchasers the insurance that their project will meet the highest standards of inspection and pass final inspection requirements.  Kawneer meets the tough Miami-Dad NOA standards through 2019.  No other metal producer can make this claim.

Secondly,  the Florida Building Code adopts 2012 International Energy Conservation Code to Florida.  The IECC 2012 codes set requirements for heat transmissions, air infiltration and condensation resistance through out the entire building envelop.  Florida is rich in natural beauty and these requirements will help our beautiful state remain beautiful for generations to come. Now essential buildings in our State must improve the level of heat transmission.  Have you ever seen condensation outside your home windows or favorite local store on a particularly hot Florida morning?  The condensation reflects that the interior coolness from the air conditioning is being transmitted to the outside of the house or store at a less than optimal rate.  Cooling costs rise and air conditioners get unnecessary wear and tear.

One way of addressing this loss of air conditioning to the outside is to purchase insulated windows.  Kawneer has a line of thermally optimized storefront and curtain walls.  Luminous Glass sells insulated glass to create windows that will be better for our environment.  Please call us today to learn more at 305-621-1670.

To your safety and our beautiful environment,

Kristin       CEO ,  Luminous Glass