tempered glass definition

What is tempered glass?

I love showing the Luminous Glass factory to clients and friends.  I am so proud of our state of the art tempering furnace, which is one of a handful in Florida.  We at Luminous love this furnace.  we believe that with our care and expertise, the Luminous Glass furnace produces the highest quality tempered glass in the country.  Our loyal customers agree that our product truly is beautiful and strong.

During the tour yesterday, a brave tour participant asked a very good question, " What is tempered glass?" 

That is a GREAT QUESTION!!  The reality is that most of the world does not understand this miracle of tempered glass. 

Tempered glass is glass that has been reheated to a temperature between 500-600 degrees.  This extreme heat reconstitutes the glass at a molecular level.  As a result of being tempered, glass does not break into shards but it breaks into small pebbles.  This makes it safe to be in your home or in your office. 

Our furnace tempers the glass in a three stage process along an assembly line that is 200 feet long.  The first stage is to wash the glass to make sure any particles are removed.  Secondly, we heat the glass to 500-600 degrees in a giant oven that is on a series of rollers so that the glass is constantly in motion while it is being heated.  Finally, the glass is rolled to a giant cooling chamber that cools the red hot glass evenly with a huge fan. 

My favorite stage is the cooling stage.  At this stage,  the gentle, rhythmic sound of the heated furnace and rollers turns off and the blast of the giant cooling fan turns on with a sound of power that reminds me of the climax of a Beethoven symphony.  We at Luminous Glass all hear this symphony and believe it truly rivals Beethoven's 9th.  

Come by and hear for yourself.  Call us at 305-621-1670 to learn more.

Take care and don't forget to notice the miracles and the miraculous glass around you today!