insulated glass

What is Insulated Glass?

Having lived in Chicago and Minnesota for most of my life, I am used to seeing insulated glass in homes and commercial buildings.  In Minnesota, where it is sometimes -10 degrees outside and 75 degrees inside, insulated glass is critically important.

Why does insulated glass help when there are big temperature differentials between outside and inside temperatures?  Because insulated glass consists of two panes of glass separated by a pocket of air  that slows the transference of heat or cold.  In the same way that a down jacket creates pockets of air between the feathers in the jacket to slow the transference of cold to the skin, insulated glass creates a pocket of air to slow the transference of heat or cold to the inside of the home or commercial space.   

Now insulated glass is coming to the South Florida markets because of new environmentally focused building codes.  While Florida doesn't have an 85 degree temperature differential between outside and inside temperatures, it does have 20-30 degree differentials in the height of summer.  I have noticed since I moved to Florida that on a hot summer morning, condensation builds up on the outside of  my Florida windows.  This is due to cold air from the air conditioned house "escaping" to the outside and becoming water when it hits the hot air.  Cold air takes hot air and turns it to liquid when there are big differences in the temperatures.  It is the same reason you can see your breathe when you breathe out on a cold Minnesota winter's day.

Now Luminous Glass Solutions makes insulated units.  Call Robin or Ana for pricing at 305-621-1670.