Using glass to save the planet!!

How can glass make the planet greener and more hospitable for sea creatures? By protecting baby sea turtles!!  Luminous Glass has created a turtle-friendly impact glass that both protects beach front properties from hurricanes as well as avoids confusing baby turtles with light pollution during their nesting period.  Our special triple-gray impact glass darkens the lights from residential structures on the beach so that the baby sea turtles don't get confused between the moon and residence's living rooms. After hatching, they follow the moonlight and head to the ocean as nature intended.

The population of sea turtles has been dropping for decades.  Part of the problem is that the baby sea turtles see lights from hotels and condos on the beach and walk to the hotel lights rather than to the moonlight over the ocean.  We want to be part of the solution and have specified beautiful low light transmittance turtle glass.

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