A common design mistake to avoid

Glass is a beautiful and important part of creating a modern home.  It is used to create beautiful shower doors, mirrors, back splashes and tabletops.  The most common mistake I see designers make in the use of glass is not using thick enough glass for tabletops and counter tops.  Thick glass tabletops create a real statement and add beauty at a relatively small price premium to thin glass alternatives

Glass comes in various thicknesses --most commonly from 1/16 thick to 1 inch thick.  The most common thickness for home interiors is 3/8 glass, which is commonly used in shower doors and glass partitions.   Often, home owners will not know that there are alternatives.  Homeowner commonly select 3/8 glass for everything, including coffee tables, kitchen counter tops and dining tables.  I recommend thicker glass for these applications. 

The coffee or dining table is the center of the room and is where we gather with friends and family.  It warrants an investment in thicker glass. Make a statement.

Luminous Glass carries a range of thick glass for table tops.  We ship across the US and the Caribbean.  Call us today at 305-621-1670 or email me at khayes@lgdglass.com today to place your order.

Thanks and remember to notice glass!  It's a miracle!