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Black spots on mirror are the most costly quality problem in wholesale glass and mirror distribution.  But what causes these annoying imperfections?  Dust that gets on the glass during the silvering process and unevenly applied silver are all issues.  But the quality of the glass itself can cause problems.  “Mirror-grade glass” is the highest standard of float glass and ensures optimal adherence of silver to the glass.  Unfortunately, as energy, silver and other raw materials costs rise, some mirror manufacturers are using “glazing quality glass” rather than “mirror grade glass” during the silvering process.

Luminous Glass is diligent in ensuring its mirror manufacturers use mirror grade glass so that our mirror is the highest quality.  Our mirror suppliers include Guardian,  Gardner and Binswangermirror…among the highest quality mirror manufacturers in the world.

In April,  I am excited to introduce an exclusive line of mirror products.  Please stay tuned for the new “LGD Elite” line of mirrors.  The LGD team is combing the globe in search of the highest quality products to sell under the LGD Elite label.  I will be in Italy and China in the coming weeks meeting with manufacturers and reviewing their production processes.  It will be exhausting but I can hardly wait.

Stay tuned to learn more about LGD Elite and other high quality, cost effective products from Luminous Glass!!!

Yours Truly,

Kristin Hayes, CEO, Luminous Glass Distributors